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Creative crisis, inspiration or how not to look for your style in the afternoon with a lantern. There’s nothing to be done with it, but sometimes all of us come across a lack of inspiration. The Muse, a typical female representative, comes, goes back, returns again and, eventually, runs away, slamming the door. After all, you open your closet, sit down in front of it and it started to ring in your ears: “There’s nothing to wear, it’s old, it’s for the case of -5kg, it’s for the vacation, and it’s not mine at all”. So, you close the door, you come back in 10 minutes, catching the hope that something will appear there or it will turn into a total look automatically.

Let’s get to the point, what exactly I recommend:

1) Inspiration board. The view of it can be absolutely different: cork, plastic, on the refrigerator, as a picture on the wall or in a notebook. Why not to make it as a part of the apartment decor? It might be decorated depending on the season, pinning scraps from magazines, cloth parts, printed photos of really-made images. Give free rein to your fantasy!

2) God bless the internet! Pinterest, Lookbook.ny, Polyvore, Instagram and so on, the track list is huge. Save to bookmarks, to the gallery, anywhere! In especially difficult moments this kind of visualization will push you to the desired course.

3) The next option is for those who like more difficult tasks: organize a photo session to your stuff. Print out those photos, gathering them later, like a puzzle. Let it become a fashion game:)

4) And last but not least, the capsule wardrobe principle, don’t buy wardrobe items in a chaotic order. Do not do shopping all at once. Clothing should be complementary to you, in terms of color, texture and size. Fashion is a science, make your every step correctly. Virtually any element of the wardrobe should be suitable for any other. Remember that “a lot” doesn’t mean good. And cheap doesn’t mean bad.

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