Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Vales (Lady D) 29 July 1981 — 31 August 1997 .
1997 shocked the whole world. On all radio stations, television, one and the same terrible news sounded … in a car accident, died «Princess Diana».
Diana Francis Spencer was born June 1, 1961 in the UK, in Sandringham. Diana’s family was a noble family. Father was a viscount — Althorp, was a representative of the same family, Spencer-Churchill as Winston Churchill. On the paternal lines, the ancestors of Diana are like a royal family whose roots resemble the illegitimate sons of King Charles II.
After the divorce of her parents, Diana remained with her father. Like any child, divorce was a tremendous shock to the girl. At the age of 12, the future princess entered the West Hill girls’ school, in Sevenoaks, Kent. Since Diana has always been a «tomboy» in school she was away on a diligent student, and was not able to finish it. The musical abilities of the «Princess» were on top, but her heart was subdued by dances. In the Swiss school in Rougemont, the future princess fell in 1977, for a short time, because she was madly missing her native England. In 1978, when she arrived in London, she stayed in her mother’s apartment, but soon on her 18th birthday she received her own home as a gift, where she began to live with three of her friends. At that time, the «golden youth» was made to earn money by their own labor. Always loving children, Diana began to work as an assistant teacher in the kindergarten «Young England» in Pimlico.
Diana knew Prince Charles from the age of 16. In 1980, the crown heir, then 32 years old, and the royal family was already worried about his stormy bachelor life. The track left, his affair with a married woman Camilla Parker-Bowles. Before the marriage, the coming star couple met only 13 times. The candidacy of the Princess of Wales was approved instantly. The approval was not only from Elizabeth’s side but from Camille herself. Diana was aware of their novel, but still accepted an offer from her beloved prince.


July 29, 1981 in the Cathedral of St. Paul, prince and princess Marriad. It was one of the greatest events in the Great Britain. Not only the whole country, the whole world looked at the new royal family with bated breath. In 1982, the first heir to the throne, William’s son, appeared. In two years, the younger Prince Harry (Henry) was born. She spent time with them, much more than was accepted in the royal family, but only they gave her the meaning of life, and caused a magical smile on her face, about which she was already beginning to forget. It seemed her life is a fairy tale. A magical story about the prince and the princess, about de luxe wedding, about two beautiful sons … but… in five years, matrimonial life «Queen of Hearts» not once received particles of its own.

Despite numerous protests from his wife, Charles continued his relationship with Camille and did not even try to hide it. For Diana it was increasingly difficult to play the role of a «happy wife.» When the «cup» of patience overflowed, Diana came to ask Elizabeth for help, but like any mother, the Queen was on the side of her son. Discontent of Elizabeth was warmed up by a rather strong circumstance — Diana’s incredible popularity. Despite the aristocratic origin, people fell in love with Diana immediately. She was called «Princess of the people» The princess actively engaged in charity, and provided not only material but also moral support to the needy. She was genuinely loved, and subjects of the British crown, but also residents of other countries. Lady D, as she was affectionately called, never disappointed her admirers. In 1990, Diana decided to put an end to all suffering, ceased to hide the truth from the public. Conflict of the fairy family left the powerful walls of Windsor Palace and scattered around the world. The Princess, has found herself a powerful enemy, in the face of Her Majesty. Divorce led to a grand scandal, as the representatives of the royal family were bred. Despite the dynastic complications, Diana did not consider it necessary to «humble pride.» Wanting to take revenge on her husband, the princess dared to «tarnish» her once impeccable reputation with a connection with an instructor in riding. In 1992, the couple broke up, and only four years later, in 1996, their divorce was formalized.
At last the Queen accepted the fait accompli.
Finally, Diana got the freedom that she dreamed of. She managed to retain the title of Princess of Wales and the right to raise children. She was still engaged in charity, peacekeeping, remained a colonel of two warships units of the Cavalry Regiment «Ligth Dragons» and the Royal Regiment of the Princess.
It seemed that Diana had a great opportunity to establish a personal life… After several lengthy novels, in June 1997, the princess met Dodi al-Fayed, the son of an Egyptian miliader. Soon rumors arose about the engagement of the princess with a representative of a powerful family in the Muslim world …
Life began to settle ….
On August 31, 1997 in Paris, the car in which Lady Diana and Dodi al-Faid tried to escape from the persecution of the paparazzi, at a tremendous speed poking into the tunnel before the Alma Bridge on the Seine coast and crashed into the pedestal. Dody perished instantly, and Diana for about an hour, died in the wreckage of the twisted metal, under the flashes of cameras that arrived at the site of the tragedy of journalists. Thirsty sensations scoundrels, did not even try to help …
The death of Diana brought with her great sorrow not only to the inhabitants of the Great Britain but to the whole world. Her funeral in Westminster Abbey on September 6 attracted about 3 million mourners and onlookers in London, and around the world television coverage was looked at by 2.5 billion people. It was shown in 200 countries in 44 languages. Singer Elton John performed a new version of the song «Candle in the Wind» at the farewell ceremony. By September 10, a pile of flowers on Kensington Gardens was 5 feet (1.5 m) deep.


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