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Let’s talk about some painful things. How many of you love traveling? From city to city, from country to country, and even more, with a gallop from one continent to another. We all remember the famous phrase: «What difference does it make how many years my Converse are if I wear them in Paris?». While planning the next trip, we think over all the details, what shall we wear for a dinner, for exploring the city, to the museum and for shopping (which is a separate conversation and a whole science). And so, the suitcases are packed, anthers for shoes and bags, as always, are not enough, all possible options for leisure are taken into account, but here arises the question: what exactly should I wear? Something to be convenient? Of course. It is obvious. But we also need some aesthetics, style and, in the end, some insignificant trend.

As an avid traveler, a tourist to the marrow of bones, for almost 10 years of constant travel, I brought out a few rules for myself, but I will present them to you, rather like the advices:

1) Review the weather conditions at the time of your trip. It often happens that we take off and there’s +10 degrees on the street, and we arrive in 3 hours to the country where it’s +30. Alternatively, a shirt in a linen style (for example, silk is very pleasant to the body in hot weather) and a cashmere sweater over it. To the bottom- medium warmth trousers and sneakers / loafers / Converse(underline the best option for you).

2) You should clearly understand what kind of road you are preparing for-if it’s a plane- throw a small blanket into your bag, scarf or pashmina, since it’s very cool on board of the aircraft. If this is a long trip by car or bus, take a few T-shirts or knitted sweaters with you. For example, the last of my 7-hour trip by car I spent in classic trousers and a shirt, as it was not strange, it was very, very easy to go.

As for my «NO»:
-nothing, that may constraint your movements
-no velvet sport suits in the style of Juicy Couture, it’s certainly a matter of taste, but it’s better to put them somewhere in the 2000 area.
-mini and top with an open neckline.

Pay attention to the shoes! It should be easy and fast to put on, without any superfluous super-high heels, small stripes, zippers.
Regarding accessories: I highly recommend watches and sunglasses. Plus the above-mentioned scarf. This may well be enough. Be beautiful always and everywhere!

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