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You shouldn’t be a crazy fan of wearing clothes. Of course, if you’re a fashion blogger, IT girl or Anna Wintour, the situation is understandable. Or if you earn money on it. That’s what it is, in fact, your life and you are dependent on fabrics, textures, a mixture of lightings and buttons. What I’m talking about is that clothes should paint a person, not vice versa. You’re tender, sensual, romantic and dresses, flowers, ruffles and ribbons are on you. Should we add some sharpnesses? How about leather coat with thorns or a ragged denim jacket with a large skull all over your back, a nice surprise for those who would turn after you on the street? Are you a hostage of an office style and pants, shirts and jackets are your second skin?Congratulations, you’re in a trend! Add some colors, textures and prints. A check, strip, dots in the end, and you’ve become the Coco of the 21st century. Play on the contrasts! Each piece of clothing should work on you, from a large baggy coat and up to earrings, which once will flash on the sunlight somewhere under the hair. Do not forget about the accessories! Bags, clutches, capes, berets, scarfs and pins, it’s all like a cherry on the cake. Dress up playfully, of course you’re not a designer in the stage-play, but we all remember that life is a theater. Try to find yourself, the truth is that total black is not boring, but elegant, and leopard print can be not vulgar, but in the “safari-style”. That’s how it works!

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